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Weekday Crowding Trends

39a Finch East
Finch Ave East At Victoria Park Ave
5a9a3p7p10p2a012.530(%) avg capacity19%16%High Risk33%19%17%7%
47a Lansdowne
Earlscourt Loop At St Clair Ave West
5a9a3p7p10p2a012.530(%) avg capacity2%2%Low Risk3%2%1%1%
32a Eglinton West
Eglinton Ave West At Russell Rd
5a9a3p7p10p2a012.530(%) avg capacity43%17%Some Risk19%14%6%
25a Don Mills
Don Mills Rd At Eglinton Ave East
5a9a3p7p10p2a012.530(%) avg capacity34%35%High Risk31%31%19%12%
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