What is transitcrowds.com?

Transit.com is a project developed by the Rocketman App team. With the emergence of COVID-19, our communities are going to great lengths to adhere to physical distancing requirements. This is particularly relevant to public transit as riders are conscious about the importance of maintaining distance during their trips. Our goal is to make it easier for riders to identify where and when crowding hotspots typically occur along a route.

What is the Rocketman App?

The Rocketman App is a public transit companion app that displays real-time arrival predictions for buses, trains, streetcars and other modes of public transit. Users can also receive alerts and information about delays to help them plan their trip. We’ve also recently added the ability for users to report crowded routes and we will continue to work with transit agencies to provide access to the most accurate, up-to-date, real-time crowding information.

Where do you get the crowding data?

There are two types of crowding data on transitcrowds.com. The data behind the graphs is historical Automatic Passenger Counter (APC) information provided by transit agencies. The data behind the live reports is based on user-generated information originating from the Rocketman App.

What are Automatic Passenger Counters?

APCs are electronic devices that utilize infrared lighting to count entries and exits from a space. When used in transit vehicles, they are typically installed above the vehicle doors.

What is the definition of Low Risk, Some Risk, High Risk?

A number of transit agencies in Canada have designated 30% as the maximum bus capacity that allows for comfortable physical distancing. We used that 30% figure to inform our risk bands and will evaluate this baseline on an ongoing basis. Our risk bands are:

Low Risk of Crowds - 0-12.5% average capacity
Some Risk of Crowds - 12.5-30% average capacity
High Risk of Crowds - +30% average capacity

An example bar chart showing levels of high risk of crowds, some risk of crowds and low risk of crowds

The average capacity for each route at specific times is based on the historical data provided by the transit agency.

Will you update the data?

Yes, we will update the data from time to time as more recent data is provided to us.

What if I have a suggestion or want to get in touch?

Reach out to   support@rocketmanapp.com .